Terms and Conditions for Cash Counter



Merchant Acquiring Service means the business that is based on the digital payment transaction and converted to cash. Service provider will serve with the name of UNIPAY application and create the account.

Duties and Responsibility of Service Provider

(a) Service Provider will show about the business operations, contact numbers and services on the website.

(b) Service Provider have the liability to secure the personal information of Merchants, Customers and Cash Counters.

(c) Service Provider will serve according to the specific services.

Duties and Responsibility of Cash Counters

(a) Must provide your information.

(b) Must follow the terms and conditions set by the Service Provider.

(c) Do not carry out prohibited business by laws of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar; Rules and regulations, Provisions, instructions and notices.

(d) Must keep Cash Counter information confidential who will make cash out process.

(e) Must follow the instructions related to your business issued from time to time by the Central Bank of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

(f) Must care and prevent for Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism.

(g) Must keep daily transactions record related with this business.

(h) Any suspicious activity must be reported to the Service Provider immediately.

(i) Must avoid the behaviors that damage the reputation of Service Provider’s business.

(j) Cash Counter agrees that Service Provider reserves the right to obtain and review the copies of any Cash Counter’s Document as required by the Central Bank of Myanmar and other Legally authorized entities upon request.

General Terms and Conditions

(a) None of the Service Provider and Cash Counter shall be liable for any consequences in the event of any changes as the result of the existing laws, provisions, instructions and notices by the Republic of Union of Myanmar.

(b) Service Provider can terminate this agreement contract with no exception in the activity against by the existing laws, provisions, provisions, instructions and notices by the Republic of Union of Myanmar and shall not allow for cash out digital money form Cash Counter’s Unipay account.

(c) As mentioned in the subsection (b), the digital money from Unipay account must be handed over to the State.

(d) If Cash Counter fails to comply with the statements, lack of acknowledgement, negligence to the terms of this contract agreement, will terminate this contract agreement and Cash Counter shall abandon his/her compensation.

(e) Cash Counter must inform the Service Provider 3 months in advance when he/she no longer wishes to continue the service.

(f) Cash Counter must inform the Service Provider when his/her business has moved from the mentioned address.

Paying Taxes

Service Provider will serve the stamp duty fees of the agreement contract.

Malicious Conditions

The malicious conditions mean that naturally encountered the floods, fires, storms, earthquakes and in additional to government restrictions, disruption of the rules of Law and Order, war, strike. Unipay shall not be liable for any inconvenience caused by such malicious conditions.