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Build a better standard of living with Unipay...

UniPay is a Local Acquirer Application for Merchants in Myanmar and is a Digital Payment Application that allows you to make cashless payments easily with just a phone as it is connected to multiple banking systems.

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For Merchant

Benefits of using UniPay Application

  • Able to make cash receipts with many benefits
  • Able to increase your sales
  • Able to see easily your sales growth anytime, anywhere
  • Able to transform into a better business
  • Able to solve change problems
  • Able to prevent financial counterfeiting and money laundering
  • Able to prevent unwanted diseases that can be transmitted through cash
For Customers

Benefits of using UniPay Application

  • Easy to use and quick purchase.
  • Paying at ease and no need to go out somewhere.
  • No need to pay service charges for purchasing.
  • Preventing from the problems of fake cash and financial problems.
  • Purchasing in short time without line up.
  • Relegating costing money.
  • Preventing diseases which are transmitted from cash.